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Smoothie Saturday: Banana Smoothie

July 22, 2017


Davido is really on to something in his new track, even though the girls and I haven't quite established whether the lyrics are "fall on you" or "follow you" anyways the emphasis here is on: BANANA!


This week I am positively bananas for bananas which is why I'm coming at you with my Banana Smoothie Recipe!


Sidebar: get your bananas from the women on Robert Mugabe Drive, it's way less expensive than getting it from the store. 





Banana x2

Roughly chopped spinach

Pumpkin seeds


Banana flavored yoghurt (optional)


Health benefits:


Bananas are rich, no wealthy, in Potassium which is great if you experience regular muscle cramps from exercise. They're also a great source of charbohydrates which help keep your body energized and most importantly bananas are sweet, they are Nature's candy and a healthy alternative to sweets!


I'm only zoning in on the benefits of banana because I've used most of these ingredients in my other smoothie recipes so catch up on your reading lovers! 


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