Self-love Begins (in isolation) POEM

All alone with nobody but me to hold

An unfamiliar feeling of self-love begins to grow

So I take the time to get to know me again.

And try to mend all the wounds bestowed upon me through social interaction.

As I sift through all the mundane distractions I find the attraction to myself.

Paying more attention to my health, eating right, working out, sleeping deeply, dreaming sweetly;

Realizing that health is wealth.

Learning that I am much more than the work I do, and so are you.

That our true worth and value lies deep within and so we begin,

To see the beauty in being lonely and diving into ourselves wholly.

Feeling gratitude and giving thanks for all the things that we once took for granted, because we’ve always had all that we needed and wanted:

Like the smell of the trees, 

the chirping of birds,

The buzzing of bees,

The sound of a strangers laughter,

The feeling of a warm hug,

And seeing someone that tugs at your heartstrings,

Waving hello & goodbye at the airports' arrival and departure,

Sunshine on my skin,

And all of nature’s beauty,

Or the waves of the ocean,

And long rivers flowing motion,

Or the sound of churches and temples ringing with prayer, meditation, and devotion.

Yet we rise as we realize that all of nature’s beauty lies deep within our souls 

That we can be healed and whole if we let an unfamiliar feeling of self-love begin to grow

And take the time to get to know us again.

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