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On my most recent trip to Cape Town, I visited the dreamy beach suburb known as the birth place of surfing in South Africa, Muizenberg. Home to the enfamous Surfers Corner the Cape Town beach paradise is situated at a spot where the cape peninsula coast meanders into false bay coast resulting in sea temperatures that range from 19 to 21 degrees. 

From the moment I stepped out of the Uber the relaxing and peaceful surfer energy resonated with my entire being. I watched wide eyed at the fierce breataking splendor of the ocean, the barefooted beauties and dreadlocked men and small families with even the youngest sporting wetsuits that cling comfortably to their well toned and fit bodies and salty sea water dripping from their hair. I took in the beach strip clad with surf stores, surf schools and seafood restaurants filled with smiling faces and a mellow energy that seems to hang in the air all around the suburb! Here's what happened next: My heart throbs with joy and excitement as I stand on the doorstep of the Xpressions on the Beach surf shop on the precipice of yet another picture from my vision board manifesting! Ryan introduces himself as our instructor and hands us our wetsuits and boards after which we set off to the beach across the street basking in the brilliantly nearly clear skies and warm African sun! Ryan talks us through safety precautions and shark warnings and I can barely hear him over the sound of my thrilled heart but I will myself to listen carefully! 

Ryan then shows us some basic moves on the blue boards laying on the warm beach sand and my heart leaps as I almost immediately feel a strong sense of familiarity as I liken the moves to yoga poses and whisper them to myself, “baby plank, high lunge, warrior 2, I got this” “Okay let’s get you in the water” Ryan exclaims through a very relaxed and comforting smile. We paddle waist deep into the ocean and I remember why I love the sea so much. The gentle waves massage every inch of me and my heart beats in synch with the ebb and flow of the water. We jump over the big waves laughing excitedly, “it’s time, are you ready?” Ryan smiles, “I am” I yell! I climb onto my board and repeat Ryans instructions and my version the yoga sequence in my heart, “go” he cheers and go I do! I paddle four times, hoist myself up into a baby plank pose then a lunge and hop up into warrior three and I feel like a warrior indeed! I’m surfing, I'm gliding, I’m floating and right then and there I decide that surfing is the best thing in the whole world! 

Of course I wiped out over a dozen times and got swallowed up by numerous waves and it was all so worth it and I’m absolutely looking forward to many more surfing adventures and making more of my wildest dreams come true! 

You could learn to surf too for as little as N$/R310 inclusive of board and wetsuit, for more detailed information about surfing in the world renowned Surfers Corner visit their website

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