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I recently watched Living Black which is the first episode in a docuseries by Killer Mike, in which he consciously dedicated three days to living black, meaning that he intentionally spent his money on black owned or produced products or services in order to keep the dollar in the black economy for a longer period of time. Killer Mike inspired me to make a similar effort in terms of buying black and also buying Namibian, which is why I'm starting this series on my blog, to review and shine light on locally produced, mostly black owned products and services. For many years black people and people of colour all over the world were so oppressed that opportunities to create art, products and services were denied or hampered in some or other way, now that things have changed for the better, more time, effort and energy should be placed on shining light on and celebrating proudly Namibian as well as black owned offerings. In light of this, here are my five favourite black owned as well as Namibian products and services so far this year.


Something Artsy was established by Jaimee-Lee Diergaardt with the intention of creating social events that cultivate creativity and unleash a sense of inner creativity that Jaimee-Lee believes we all possess. I have been lucky enough to attend several Paint and Wine Nights hosted by Something Artsy and it's safe to say that these events truly live up to their intention. I now own multiple pieces of art that I created myself under Jaimee's patient and insightful guidance. The events also bring together the element of wine, which seems to help guests to feel more comfortable and relaxed, something I deem essential for any creative process (a relaxed state of mind, not the wine, but the wine is a lovely touch too).

Some of the offerings offered by Something Artsy include Creative Cooperate Team Building as well as Monthly Paint and Wine Nights, to book or keep up with their latest offerings, contact here:

Business Address: 27 Drakensberg Street Eros

Contact Info: Cell: 0816202225


Facebook: @paintandwinenamibia

Instagram: @something_artsy_namibia

Chrisla Essentials

Chrisla Essentials is a beauty and skin care range that uses essential oils to create everything from beautiful hair growth spritzers to rose waters and aromatherapy sprays. Founded by Loide Amadhila based on her personal passion and love of natural essential oils, Chrisla Essentials is becoming a fast favorite amongst many Namibians who can't seem to stop raving about her products (and clearly, I am no exception!) My personal favorite is the Ndapandula Aromatherapy Spray, I love the scent and use it in my bedroom whenever I'm feeling tense or during my yoga classes on my yoga mats just before I teach a class for my yoga students to enjoy the amazing effects of aromatherapy! Here's what Loide had to say when I asked her about what her inspiration for creating her magical mixtures of essential oils was, "Essential oils have changed my life, having seen for myself the incredible benefits that can be achieved from using these precious oils, the mission is to share 100% pure essential oils with the rest of the world." If you are interested in experiencing the incredible benefits of essential oils, reach Chrisla Essentials here:

Instagram: chrisla_essentials


Facebook: Milashnamibia

The Graduates Holy Grail

The Graduates Holy Grail was one of the only books that I got to read last year due to my busy schedule and a masters program with a work load from hell, which is why I am so crazy about this book! Penned by Stephanus Mutileni, the book serves as a wonderful companion and guide through this beautiful journey of life in both personal and professional spheres. When I asked Steph (yes, we are cool like that, we're on a nickname basis!) about what inspired him to write this book, he said, "I'm inspired to create because of the fact that we are equipped with the ability to shape the future, to learn and unlearn what we know, to reason and make sense out of situations. The future and my immediate surroundings is but what I make of it so I constantly try to create it in such a way that I'm comfortable to live in it." To find out more about what Steph and I are raving about, contact him on +264812146154 or order a copy online at Amazon and if you want to catch up with the author, you can also visit his blog here.

For The Wait

When it comes to For the Wait, a mixtape dropped by Skrypt on 25 May 2018, I sure did take my time in getting myself a copy but I have no regrets because Skrypt's music was really worth the wait for me (don't sleep on it like I did though, do better!). Listening to the album had me filled with an immense sense of pride, especially when Skrypt comes through with bars in his native tongue, Otjiherero.

Skrypt had the following to say when asked about where and what he draws his inspiration from, "Life. The world around me and within me. There so much available to us in such a short time. The mere possibility that my words can bring emotion to people - good or bad - is a blessing. I’d like to think that my music is just an extension of my being."

Treat yourself to a listen on Soundcloud, for bookings and to show online support, find him on Facebook, or contact him via email on

Pride of CliQ

Pride of Cliq is an album that you can put on and just vibe to without skipping a single song and although the entire album is a collective favorite, Sauce, Serpents and For Sure have stolen my heart. You can listen to Pride of Cliq on Spotify, and on Apple Music and for booking information or to make a purchase of the album contact On the topic of inspiration, Lioness says, "my inspiration comes from my has been my passion undeniably as so many times I’d want to stop but I always found myself back at it doing it even better ,growing expanding and learning. It is the only source that makes me feel alive and touching different people across all faces of life just makes me want to continue living it out."

By reading this blog post, you are already well on your way to throwing your support behind black creators, why not take it further and support the artists and entrepreneurs highlighted in my first Buying Black series? It's totally worth it!

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