Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams with a Vision Board

An affirmation board is a collage of pictures or images as well as words that are reflective of your life's vision, the vision that you wish for your journey through life. Your affirmation board should be filled with your wildest dreams, wishes and desires that serve as motivation and the inspiration that propels you into action to manifest what you believe to be what you deserve. Vision Boards help us to use to create the attitudes and beliefs of positive possibilities or outcomes for our lives by using the universal law of attraction. They serve as a constant reminder of what we ought to be doing in order to manifest our deepest desires and wildest dreams. Beyond the law of attraction, using our mental ability, imagination and creativity, activates the motor cortex directly (think of this as the part of your brain that is responsible for moving you into action. Harvard Medical School assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, Srini Pillay said that, "imagining allows us to remember and mentally rehearse our intended movements. In fact, visualising movement changes how our brain networks are organised, creating more connections among different regions" This means that in order for your vision board to be effective, visualisation techniques need to become part of your daily practice, followed by the actions that it takes to materialise your vision, which means that your vision board needs to be placed in a place that you see every day.

Steps to Creating an Effective Vision Board:

1. Meditate:

Before sitting down to plan out your year, clear your mind and centre all your focus and attention inwards. Get in touch with yourself on a deep and meaningful level and allow your inner voice to get louder by silencing your mind for a couple of moments of mindfulness meditation. Meditating will allow you to use the power of your calm mind to get clear about your dreams and desires.

2. Write:

Have a goal that you set for each month of the year, something that needs to be accomplished that is in alignment with your ultimate dreams and desires, this will help you get clear about what exactly needs to be done in order to manifest what you are going to put down on your vision board. Make sure that your goals and intentions are SMART (Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timeous).

3. Plan:

Decide what type of vision board you want to create, some people have a vision board for each sphere of their lives (work, family, fitness etc), whilst others (like myself), put everything down on one board. Another important decision to make is the location of your vision board; last year I put mine on a board that I had up in my office, this year, I've opted for the first two pages of my Journal. Remember to choose a place that you can literally see or look at every day. My journal makes sense for me because I write my morning pages, gratitude list and food diary in it, so I open it every morning and every night.

4. Vision Board

Collect all the materials that you would need (scissors, board, journal, magazines, glue, deco, etc), put on your favourite music, get a comfortable seat and unleash your inner child as you give yourself permission to put together a board representative of the life that you deserve and dream of for yourself. Remember to have lots of fun and engage in this activity with positive and optimistic intentions.

5. Meditate

Come full circle by consistently becoming mindful of your vision board, perhaps even making your board the centre focus of a short (10 minutes or longer), daily meditation practice. This will serve as a beautiful reminder to stay on the right track and continuously engage in activities that will align you with what your hear dreams of and desires.


I will be hosting a Vision Board and Yoga Brunch on the 2nd of February 2019, to guide people just like YOU through this entire process using the power of both your mind and body. Please do contact me on 0812543091 or to book and secure your spot, you deserve all the support and cheering on as you take the first steps towards learning how to manifest the life of your dreams!


Pillay, S. (2019) Can Visualising Your Body Doing Something Help You Learn to Do It Better? Retrieved from:

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