My Cape Town Adventure

I recently travelled to my favorite city and I had the most amazing time. Here's a glimpse into where I stayed and what I did whilst in the Mother City:  

Air B&B

I stayed at a lovely home, 10 minutes walking distance from Milnerton Beach. This photograph was taken in the kitchen of the house which has all the makings of a beach house. 

Milnerton Beach 

Milnerton Beach is the perfect spot for a chilled reading session by the sea, occupied by families having picnics, surfers catching gnarly waves & fitness enthusiasts working out. It never seems to get overcrowded; the water is a little warmer than the Atlantic in Namibia. I love spending so many days reading, splashing and building sandcastles with my son here. Fairview & The Salt Route

The Fairview Wine Estate is a paradise surrounded by lush trees, breathtaking horizons that seem to go on for eternity and a vibrant energy that seems to rejuvenate the soul as soon as you enter this slice of heaven on earth. As if all of that isn't enough to satisfy your soul, their wine and cheese is divine and nourishing in a way that ignites a new spark of life within you. I am eternally grateful to have had the pleasure of visiting this nirvana  Bo-kaap

Bo-Kaap is one of the most vibrant & culturally rich place that I have ever seen. From the colourful houses, to the warm residents, the beautiful mosques, history to the food; the entire neighbourhood has a majestic energy about it. I am grateful to have been welcomed into this beautiful and iconic space. From visiting the Bo-Kaap museum, talking to a few locals; reading a few articles about this magical neighbourhood it broke my heart to find out that this wonderful place as a heritafe site is under threat. Ishani Chetty wrote,and I quote "Well-known for its rich history and culture, Bo-Kaap is a place where many residents inherited their homes; With recent developments along the area, Bo-Kaap is becoming prime real-estate and international investors are bidding to obtain property or land in the district. Property has obtained a higher value than ever before, causing property rates to increase rapidly. Locals are unable to keep up with the increasing property rates as their wages account for the bare minimum. Combined with the increasing gentrification and opposing protests – residents fear losing their homes along with their heritage as Bo-Kaap is one of the oldest Muslim communities in the country."

I applaud all the activists for their work and efforts to raise awareness toward protecting Bo-Kaap. 

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