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If you know anything about me and the way that I live then you should know that I can draw inspiration from almost anything and that I tailor everything to match my personal needs and the way I fast is no exception. I have quite a few of you sliding in my DMs asking about the liquid fast that I did last year and the one that I'm starting today, so this one is for you. Please share your pictures and experiences with me either by commenting on this post or on my social media. Let me start off by sharing the motivation for my fast, I went about 60 days without alcohol and did a vegan challenge and right at the end of it I travelled to Cape Town where I misbehaved tremendously. I slacked on my fitness, ate so much fast food and drank almost every night (it was a 4 day trip) so basically my body needs a break and I can't think of a better break than with a liquid fast. I eat a plant-based diet so I'm still taking in the usual greens and fruity goodness; just in liquid form. If you are a meat-eater, get ready to go a day or two without meat (sorry, not sorry). I will be fasting for 3 Days this time around, last year I did a week long fast that left me feeling super energized and vitalised. You can choose how long you want to fast for, you're the boss, you're in charge!

So what is a liquid fast you might ask; well it basically entails staying away from solid foods for a period of time (of your choice coz like I mentioned before, you are the boss of your body!) and taking in blended fresh vegetables, fruits (it helps to have a blender at home), herbal teas, vegetable broths and water are mostly ingensted during a liquid fast.

Proper mental and physical preperation are two things that I beleive are very important in order to stay sane, energized and excited during your fast. It' also a good time to do a bit of a social media cleanse, so limit yourself to 2 hours a day if you like, also double up on a mind-body practice like yoga or meditation and incorporate a strong affirmation practice during this time to encourage and motivate you. For me, fasting is a time to allow my body to take a break from digesting solids and so really increase my bodily awareness so I like to have a gratitude practice cantered around my body and health related issues. Something that I didn't do last year was proper mental and physical preparation, so I incorporated it this time around this is why I have made & frozen various fruits & veggies which makes it more convenient for me. To get another perspective on someone else' fasting experience read Tolu Oyewumi's experience here

What are the benefits of a liquid fast you may wonder; where do I start? Fasting is truly the gift that keeps on giving and just when you think it can't give anymore, it just gives again and again! Fasting increases your blood sugar control, might aid in weight loss, boosts mental functioning, enhances metabolism, for more detailed benefits, check out Healthline

Here's the plan for the next 3 Days, again, it's not a strict plan and I basically have a glass of water or a cup of tea if I really start feeling weak or hungry or experience strong cravings., feel free to tweak this to your liking:


7am: 1 cup black tea

9am: 1l water

11:00: Green Smoothie (Broccoli, Spinach, Cranberry and water)

12: 2 cups black tea

3pm: 1l water

5pm: Green Smoothie

7pm: 1l water


7am: 1 cup black tea

9am: 1l water

11:00: Orange Smoothie (Orange, Carrots, Ginger and water)

12: 2 cups black tea

1pm: Orange Smoothie

3pm: 1l water

5pm: Orange Smoothie

7pm: 1l water


Water and Tea all day

Break fast the following day with a fruit salad or scrambled eggs with onion and tomato or oats with almond milk (let your first solid meal be something light and easy to digest)


None of the information on my blog is supposed to substitute professional medical advice, also please consult your medical doctor before or during any type of fast to ensure that your health and wellness is in good shape and your body can handle a fast.

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