My Self-Care Bath Ritual

Self-care is more than just a practice, it is a lifestyle; which is why I think it’s so important to incorporate your self-care practices into ordinary routine such as taking a bath. I usually take a shower because it’s faster and saves more water but every Sunday I love to indulge in a luxurious long bath. I refer to my Sunday bath ritual as a Beauty Bath because that’s exactly how I feel after pampering and spoiling myself during; I feel beautiful, clean, soft, warm, cared for and loved and here’s why….

A beauty bath ritual is a great way to spend time on and with your self

A beauty bath ritual can be a deeply soothing and relaxing practice

A beauty bath ritual feels like a cleans

A beauty bath ritual relieves stress and

A beauty bath ritual offers a state of peace, calm and tranquillity.

What I do:

I infuse fresh flowers and essential oil (lavender) in my bath water which produces the most euphoric scent and the lavender has an extremely calming effect on me. I also light about four to six tea candles, surround myself with crystals (each of which have their unique benefits, for example amethyst has been said to calm the mind). A good body and face scrub before fully immersing myself in the bath also goes a long way in terms of removing dry skin and achieving healthy skin that glows. Playing relaxing music during the bath also helps to create a relaxed mood and a good vibe

What’s on my bath time playlist?

(the playlist is long but here are my favorites)

Warm Winds by SZA

I Belong to You by Sabrina Claudio

Video Games by Lana Del Rey

Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko

Coming Down by The Weeknd

Are you running your bath water yet?

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