2017 Travel Diaries

Travel, exploration and adventure are experiences that  I will never turn down! Why? Because every time I set foot out of my comfort zone I learn something new about the world and myself! All the exposure to various sceneries, people and cultures has opened my mind tremendously and allowed me to experience various perspectives. Above all else, I feel so relaxed and rested when traveling because it pulls me away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. This year I've travelled to (in order of favorite destinations): The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay, Cape Town: The ocean front location and view were everything to me! Typical Cape Town weather was on full blast most days, but it allowed for swimming during the day and cuddling during the night which was ideal and welcome for my first time out of the country with my boyfriend! 

Swakopmund, along the West Coast of Namibia: every opportunity to swim in the vast ocean is one that I cherish regardless of the numerous times that I've had the pleasure of submerging myself in the sea. From visiting the crystal gallery to the snake park, camel riding or dune climbing and enjoying the wonderfully tasty ice cream on the beach; Swakopmund is the getaway destination that keeps on giving and then gives some more.

Mokuti Lodge (Etosha) Northern Namibia: complete with a swimming pool that goes on for days, huge trees that seem to touch the Sky and intensely green grass constantly grazed on by Wildlife. Mokuti offers unforgettable experience!

Khorixas in North Western Namibia: Surrounded by mountains and dry plains, the heart of Damara land is definitely a cultural experience to write home about. Home of King Justus //Garoëb and traditional dance ensemble called Abas-//Khoab; if you can stand the Khorixas heat it's worth a visit.

Africa Safari Lodge, Southern Namibia (25km from Mariental): where the Rhino graze just a stone throw away from the chalets. The staff are friendly and the massages are relaxing enough to enduce a trance. Africa Safari Lodge was truly amazing and relaxing. I got to see about six species of Wild animals on the game drive and sip on some of my favorite wines by the pool all day.

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