Kinks, Curls & Coils

As a black woman, wearing my hair in its natural state is symbolic of self-love & acceptance as well as reclaiming & setting my own standard of beauty. Going natural was about rebeling against the status quo and about fiercely being and looking like myself. I did my big chop in 2013 and I felt so light and free afterward. I love the time, care & nourishment that my hair demands because it contributes to my self-care and translates to self-love.

I look at how strong, lush and healthy our hair hair can be and I stay in awe of black hair! This inspired me to reach out to outher Naturals that keep their curls & coils popping to share their stories. It's also my way to see what I can learn from them and help my hair thrive to reach its full potential. 

My bestie (Cheroline) is the first person that went natural and inspired me to do the same. Look at them curls!! 

Q: What is your hair texture & what are your go-to prpducts?

A:  Currently using mostly natural products and mixing my own shampoo, feet treatment, moisturiser and oil. These are: Shea butter Indian teas/seeds Aloe Vera juice Water Essential oils Castor oil Jamaican black caster oil Olive oil

My younger sister Beyonce has been natural since birth and the way she loves on her hair is truly magical. Have a look at how she goes about her hair care routine... 

Daily: Every morning she sprays her hair with ORS Olive Oil and gives herself a scalp massage. 

Wash Day: Scalp stimulating treatment (lemonade, castor oil, conditioner, egg yellow) for the whole day. Wash out using conditioner only, strictly no shampoo. Scalp massage with any hairfood, rollers and then olive oil spray. 

My older sisters hair has been thriving and her daughters has always been too! Here's what she had to share about her journey:

"I first went natural after the birth of my now 4 year old daughter who is passionately in love with her Afro! I did the big chop in 2014 and haven’t looked back since. She inspires me to keep my hair natural because I want her to learn to love her hair just as it is by leading by example! 

I love how diverse my hair can be. Poofy one minute, blown out straight the literally takes on a life of its own. 

I mostly protect my hair by not exposing it to too much heat and by keeping my routine simple: conditioner wash only, add moisturing oil and style. I use o’Nature Hair oil treatment and have periods of “rest” where I won’t protective style it. My natural hair means the world to me as it is one of the connections my daughter and I share. We spend time together by having Hair days at home and Salon dates for birthdays and other special occasions!"

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by woman who love and nourish their hair. It is a constant reminder, that contrary to the old status quo; black hair is beautiful!

What do you love about your hair?

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