3 Healthy-Lifestyle Must-Haves

As you may know; I'm a little bit of a healthy lifestyle rat  (Is that a thing?) well if it is then that's what I am! I know that I fall short sometimes but I mostly try to live a life that enhances my health & wellness whether it's physical, spiritual or mental. This has nothing to do with being materialistic in the sense that we are generally moved to view it as but it does have to do with some products that has made my lifestyle more convenient because after all  we are "spiritual beings having a materialistic experience" (wow, I really am a hippie!) Anyhow; you get where I'm going with this right? So here are my must-haves items that  help me maintain my health, fitness & wellness goals: 1. Yoga Towel & Mat

It's basically a cover for my yoga mat that's easy to fold up and carry with me from yoga class to class & it doubles as a picnic blanket (I imagine) because I've never used it in that way but I'm a creative and a weirdo so I probably still will after yoga in the park! Have a look at some yoga mat reviews Here 2. Blender 

If you've been a regular visitor to my blog or follow me on social media or know me in real life then you know without a doubt that I am in love with Smoothies. It only makes sense for me to own a blender because it gives me the freedom to be creative with recipes and have a Smoothie whenever I want one! Check out my latest Smoothie Recipe Here 3.  Essential Oils

These babies (excuse my dirty garden hand) are little miracle workers and mostly come in small bottles that are easy to carry in handbag. I use them to relieve headaches, disinfect wounds, as fertilisers in my gardens, the works! If you're looking for reviews and informative breakdowns on some of these items you can visit:  Reviewsbee

Also, here are all their social media pages : 

Facebook: @reviewsbee Twitter: @ReviewsBee 

Pinterest: @ReviewsBee

Their platform shares really amazing and versatile insights as well as independent reviews to different products on the market available for online purchasing. Make some time and check them out, they make the buying process a lot easier!

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