Smoothie Saturday: Green Smoothie

I know y'all are OUTCHEA tryna get muscled up like my man Popeye so here goes a Smoothie Recipe using his favorite vegetable: Spinach!

My friends if you're struggling and suffering from constipation (And I know many of you are, you just want to admit that shit), be honest... It's nothing to be ashamed of really, at some point in our lives everybody gets a little stopped up, (unless you're me & making awesome smoothies like the one I'm about to share with you). Grab a pen and pad or better yet, make your way to the blender right now, here's what to do: 


Spinach - one cup full, roughly chopped 

Prunes - roughly chopped up or you can use a puree like me

Milk 20ml 

Seeds  (sunflower & pumpkin) - about a handful 

Water (add as much or as little as you like, depending on how you like your smoothie texture) I added half a cup to mines. 

I know you guys want to hear what some of the health benefits are, do you can start living your best life with spinach as a weekly feature like my homie Popeye so here goes: antidioxidant, aids digestion, rich in protein and fibre, healthy fats, can aid weight loss or maintainace,  hydrating, what does this recipe not do? 

Blend-away & Enjoy. 

Let me know what smoothies you're into or if there's a smoothie recipe that you'd like me to share in the cement section, I really love it when you weigh in!


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