Mid-Year Lessons

1. Cut yourself away from ties that bind you to old destructive patterns & toxic feelings. Set yourself free & notice the new heights you reach

2. An intern is basically a bitch-boy; someone in the office who can be asked to do almost anything and everything. From carry heavy boxes, to counting books, to washing erasers (yes. Washing. Erasers) to sharpening pencils (That too) and delivering messages in and around the office (I'm this the year of our Lord Internet & office land-lines, complete with switchboard). I am so happy that that part of my life is over!

3. My dog Magic will never stay clean for longer than a week, because he loves mud and thorny bushes and has no respect for the time I spent grooming him.  I know I wrote about Magic but this is a lesson in letting go and in not exhausting myself in trying to control everything! Aaah, the art of learning to breathe deeply! But fuck, look at how gorgeous he looks when he's clean!!! (Dramatic sigh)

4. Not everything warrants a reaction from Me, even when someone is blatantly testing me. Reactions take up loads of effort & energy and I'm not trying to be pouring out my energy for just any ol body.

5. If I'm ever on anti-depressants again, I will never quit cold-turkey again. Guys: do not do It, don't do It, just don't. Sean yourself off slowly; have your doctor decrease your dosage bit by bit and then come off it. I had the worst experience getting off peroxide for my anxiety.

6. Even therapists need therapy. Even mental health professionals can suffer from mental illness. So as you may or may not know I am taking my Psychology Council Evaluations this Friday to (hopefully, if i pass) become a registered Psychological Counselor. This will make me a mental health practitioner with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and despite what I've been made to believe, it's nothing to be ashamed about. Doctors get sick, accountants get audited & that's just the way life goes. Being a Counselor will never make me superhuman  I'm okay with that.

#lessons #love #lettinggo

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