Smoothie Saturday: Winter Smoothie

Hello loved ones! If you live in Nam you gotta know that it's been hella cold and that flu season is upon us. This is what compelled me to share my Winter Smoothie recipe with you. It's delicious, refreshing and hella healthful too, here's what I put in it: 

3 small carrots roughly chopped 1 large Apple roughly chopped 1 large orange roughly chopped A handful of orange zest (coz fiber) Ground cinnamon powder 1 glass of water Ginger (I don't have any in my kitchen but please try it out, it adds a little lit-ness to the entire smoothie)

Now allow me to do a quick run down of all the health benefits of this delicious smoothly as you sip slowly on your smoothie, taking in at least 3 out of 5 of your recommended daily fruit & vegetable intake! Look at you, stunt on em witchyo healthy self! Ok ready? Here goes: Orange and orange peel (zest) contains large amounts of vitamin C with is a great immune system booster and aids in fighting off colds and flu. The peel contains lots of fiber which can help to relieve or prevent constipation which is also helpful if you're trying to keep off the winter weight. Carrot is a root vegetable that reduces cholesterol, improves digestion (let that shit go) and boosts the immune system. Apple is also high in fiber and is a healthy source of sugar (as opposed to sweets and candy) and is an antioxidant! Cinnamon helps fight infections and helps heart health. Water is life but sometimes it's not appealing to drink water just like that so add even two glasses to your smoothly depending on the texture of your choice! I enjoy making my own smoothies because I get to decide how much sugar is present in it and also because I find it cheaper. I usually freeze leftover fruits and use it in my smoothie the following day or give them to my son to snack on. Which smoothies do you enjoy and where do you get them from or how do you make them? Please share your favorite recipe with me, I'd love to try it out! Cheers!

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