I Did Not Choose the Garden Life, the Garden Life Chose Me...

Ever since I was a little girl I've harboured this strong sense of attraction and affinity toward plants, trees and flowers. I remember that my favourite chore was having to water the indoor lot plants in our living room or the fruit trees that stood tall in our garden. My mother grew everything from lemon to oranges and guava trees, going outside to play was always a joy being surrounded by trees and when I got hungry or was craving a snack I simple picked an orange and sucked from its sweet nectar or happily chewed on a juicy guava. Needless to say, my childhood was pretty lit and I'm trying to make adulthood just as lit which is why I've taken to Container Gardening. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Container Gardeneing is when you grow all types of plants and vegetables from pot plants instead of in the ground, it's a modern form of gardening that makes soil maintenance a whole lot easier because it's generally easier to control what goes on in a pot of soil than in the actual ground. If you're a bit of a lazy bum like me then Container Gardening is for you. So far I've grown a gang of succulents and some flowering leafy plants as well as tomatoes, rocket, parsley, lettuce, onions, fennel, spinach and a few peppers. I love spending time on my little stoep, teaching my son to care for plants and using fresh greens and things in my salads and meals. I've also read that soil contains natural anti-depressants which is a huge plus for me so I think that this is something I'd like to carry with me my whole life. Do you garden? I'd love to know what's growing in your garden.

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