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Guys!! My skin lately though, I know that it isn't perfect but it glows and no I am not pregnant (I think)!! Roughly two years ago I wouldn't leave the house without being covered in a thick layer of foundation laid by the gods themselves because I had such terrible acne and acne scaring. It was excruciating; my confidence was non-existence and believe me I tried everything. From DIY honey + sugar facial scrubs (which tasted yummy and left my skin feeling softer than a baby bum, but didn't work for shit); to weekly face masks from Clicks (again, the experience is extremely therapeutic but miracle cure? dololo!); to trying to go VEGAN (Never again LOL... this lasted a week, because what is life without cheese, butter, milk and chocolate?). Anyway, the point is that I tried everything but nothing worked. Now the thing about me is that I can be extremely impatient so I would try a product for two weeks, not see results and then completely disregard it, so maybe they were good products but damn ain't nobody got time to wait for centuries to see results also. I needed my skin to glow up and fast and thank my lucky stars; it did! I'd really like to share my skin-care routine in case you need it, good luck!

I went on the Jasmine contraceptives (which are also really good for birth control LOL) but seriously, I love taking the pill because I still get my period and menstruation is cleansing so I refuse to go without my cycle. I have been on the pill for about two years now with the help of daily reminders on my phone.

I also shut my eyes tight (coz this shit is hella pricey) and bought Garnier products. I got the Pure Active 3 in one (face wash, scrub and face mask), and the exfoliator with the bristles (which I thoroughly intend to reuse, coz the way my bank account is set up.. Issa no)

I lotion my face with coconut or olive oil depending on what I've got in my cupboard or in my kitchen (bout that life!)

I try to drink at least 1 liter of water a day, I know it's not enough but its better than nothing right. I also drink at least one cup of mint infused Green Tea a day which is packed with antidioxidants and a range of nutrients that are generally very good for the whole body.

Basically, I wash my face every morning and every night (well, almost every night), I exfoliate once a week and do a face mask once a week as well and that's it. I started to notice the improvement about 2 and a half months after getting on the pill and using the products regularly and I really love how clean and clear my skin has become.

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