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As a yoga instructor and mental health professional, I often find myself being called out by people for enjoying a glass of wine or staying out late at a party or for eating way too much chocolate (which I have been shamelessly devoted to for years), I’m often told that engaging in these activities are unhealthy and I’ve been called a hypocrite one too many times for it.

Well, the time to set the record straight has finally dawned upon us. See above all things I believe in balance, I believe in a healthy well rounded life style, and I also don’t think that denying myself a drink or a dance every now and again is such a bad thing. On the contrary, we shouldn’t set ridiculously unattainable goals and standards for ourselves in life because oftentimes that only constructs a peak of frustration and leads us to quitting and giving up on our health goals in the end. Balance could be the thing that holds everything else together, just like the scales of liberty, we need to mix things up and create equilibrium; so drink your wine, just make sure to stay well hydrated daily, dance all night but be sure to get tons of rest the next day, eat a healthy balanced diet and reward yourself with a slice of chocolate cake after, work hard but be sure to spend time with your family and enjoy the fruits of you labor too. You can be healthy and still indulge in the sweeter things in life all within the realms of balance

It took me a while but I am finally in a space where I am accepting that it's okay that I'm not always all sunshine and daisies, some days I am a thorny rose and a cactus. I am accepting that I'm not always optimistic and positive about life and my future, or that my brows and nails aren't always on 'fleek' and that I don't work out or drink as much water as I should be everyday. I am accepting my flaws and my imperfections and realising that its okay, I won't fall off the face of the earth if I don't eat salad everyday or get everything right all the time; I am human: fragile, vulnerable, faulty, broken, disturbed, imperfect but worthy.

#balance #selflove #selfacceptance #introspection

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